10 Yoga Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About

Maybe you’re a beginner or must be practicing yoga for quite some time now. You might think you are well versed with this ancient tradition and have a good knowledge about the same, but there is much more to this ancient art of practicing exercises that many are unfamiliar with. Yoga always surprises us with its benefits and usefulness. There is so much to this ancient tradition that many are still unaware of.

So we came up with a few interesting facts about yoga that we bet you had no clue about.

1. It is followed by EVERY religion.
Yes. Yoga is in sync with every religion. Very few know that the Patanjali yoga sutra was done in Arabic. Many religions follow this ancient tradition and is practiced worldwide.

2. Yoga hasn’t become a trend setter just recently
Yes. It’s not gaining popularity just because we recently started celebrating International Yoga Day or because we read a lot about this form of exercise often these days. It is a study of mind and mantras and has been practiced since many years. Globally yoga has received a very good recognition since many years.

3. Yogis & Yoginis you think are unhygienic are the most hygienic
Yes. They might look unclean because of the pale clothes worn by them or the unshaven beard. But the fact is, they are the ones who are the most hygienic people practicing yoga. They follow the Ayurveda philosophy of staying clean and tidy. It includes taking a bath EVERYDAY! Applying oil all over the body and face and using a dry brush for detoxifying purposes.

4. You need to make certain lifestyle changes.
So practicing Yoga everyday might surely help you, but to receive the benefits to the fullest yoga alone won’t help. You’ll need to start making changes in your food habits and the routine which you follow.

5. It is the best stress-buster
Yoga can help you de – stress. A few minutes of yoga can help you release all the stress and will make you feel energetic and more focused in your work.

6.  It improves your relationships
Because a calm and serene mind is always happy and contended. Practicing yoga also increases your patience and your ability to understand things. It improves both your personal and professional relationships.

7. Makes you look fab from flab
Yoga helps you shed those extra kilos. There are many asanas in Yoga that helps in reducing weight. Surya Namaskar and Kapalbhati, Pranayama are very effective for reducing weight.

8. It reduces menstrual cramps
There are certain yoga postures that help in reducing the menstrual cramps. The Cat and Fish and Cobra pose are few of them.

9.  It improves fertility
This is because practicing yoga helps a lot in reducing stress. Many doctors recommend couples to opt for yoga who are trying to conceive.

10. Anti-ageing benefits
Yoga improves the entire functioning of your body and strengthens it from the core. It detoxifies your body and releases all the toxins from from the body and hence provides anti-ageing benefits.

It has unending list, to know more facts, just be with us.