Day 1- 30 Day Yoga Challenge – Let’s get started

How important is our body? How well do we take care of it? In this day 1 of the yoga challenge, we tell you some basic yoga techniques. So without much adieu, let’s start.
The first pose that we would like to teach you’ll is

1. Ujjayi Pranayam:

Sit in a crossed leg position.
This technique requires you to breathe through your throat instead of a nose.
Narrow your throat and inhale through your throat to make a hissing sound and then exhale.

  1. Boosts focusing the power of the mind.
  2. Helps in sinus and cataract.
  3. Helps those in singing field.

Hope you are now feeling relaxed with this, the next pose we would like to tell you’ll :

2. Apanasana(Wind-relieving pose):

Lie down on your back with feet together and hands by the side of your thighs.
Inhale and raise you left leg, exhale and bring your left knee towards the chest & press the thigh on your abdomen.
Breathe in again and as you exhale lift your head and chest of the floor and touch your chin to your left knee. Hold and take a few breaths.
Now slowly inhale and exhale and release from this position to the spine position.
Repeat this procedure with the right leg as well.


  1. Strengthens the back.
  2. Helps in digestion.
  3. Reduces belly fat.
  4. Massages abdominal muscles.

The next pose is a very interesting pose called the cat pose, let’s see how it’s done,

3. Cat Pose:

Knee on the floor, such that your back forms the table top, and your hand and legs form the legs of the table. Look ahead.
As you inhale to raise your chin and a little bit of body, and as you exhale drop your chin to your chest and relax your body.
Hold this pose for a few seconds and release.


  1. Loosens up the spine and makes it flexible.
  2. Also, has and indirect effect on the organs of the lower abdomen.

So now that you have learned the cats pose, let’s go the cow pose

4. Table Pose:

Table pose is very similar to cat pose the only difference being that instead of your chest facing towards the ground, the chest needs to face upwards and your hands and legs forming the legs of the table.


  1. Help strengthen your core.
  2. Also, makes the spine stronger.

So now that you have learned the cat and table pose, let’s go the cow pose

5. Cow Pose:

Sit in crossed leg position, right leg over the left leg .Side your knees together in front of you, put the right knee directly on top of the left knee.
Inhale and raise your right hand over the head and bend the right elbow. Reach behind the back with the left hand and clasp the fingers of both hands.
Hold the posture as long as you can hold the inhaled breath.
Exhale slowly and repeat the posture reversing the arms and legs.


  1. Stretches your hips, thighs ,ankles ,chest and shoulders.
  2. And now the last pose that we have for you’re in this day 1 is the most relaxing pose called shavasana,

6. Savasana

In this pose you are supposed to lie down flat on your back with hands stretched on your side ,legs stretched forward.
You need to feel each organ from head to toe is relaxed and calm and at ease. Stay in this position for 5 min.


  1. Calms down brain and helps in relieving stress and mild depression.
  2. Reduces fatigue and insomnia.

So this ends our day 1 challenge, hope you’ll are feeling energized, see you’ll on Day 2, 30 Day Yoga challenge.


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