Day 2 – 30 Day Yoga Challenge

Adho Mukha Svanasana

After performing asanas for Day 1 of the 30 Days challenge of Yoga, Namaskar for day 2.

Day 2 is about performing ‘Adho Mukha Svanasana’ or downward facing dog face And this pose is not just for dog lovers.

  1. Begin with coming into table top position (Tip: keep the table top (back) flat. Don’t slouch.)
  2. Place your hands with jazz fingers slightly wider than shoulder width. Note, that the feet should be hip width apart.
  3. From the table top position, exert pressure on your fingertips & lift your hips up.
  4. Now stay in this position with your face looking into your navel. Take long deep breaths and feel the muscles churning. Repeat the asana for two or three times

It feels rejuvenating, isn’t it? It surely feels like walking bare- foot on a beach and living in the moment.

No matter how funny this position sounds, but this pose will surely leave with abundant energy #EnergisedLikeNeverBefore. And even flexible hamstrings. (Style tip : summer is still not over to tuck all those shorts away)

The posture improves circulation of blood. And while it is pumping more blood in your body, it is helping your body cells grow, giving you a healthier and pink tone skin. Say yes to wonderful, like-magnetic selfies.

Like the unconditional love of a pet (read dog), it renders immense calmness to your mind. Just like fitness mantra these days “Calm mind, Strong body” this asana helps to achieve just that in few minutes.

It is not that lifting dead-weights in a gym can only give you the strength. Don’t be bewildered but this one-stop asana encourages you not to look beyond it. The pressure exerted on the arms and shoulders while performing this asana, helps to give them the requisite strength.

Above all of this, this pose helps to fight the insomniac tendencies which a lot of us tend to suffer from. Thanks to the stress lurking around in our lives.

Stay regular and tune in every day to reap the benefits a healthy body and even a healthier mind with this 30 days yoga challenge. Let this month be #HelloLife