Importance of Detox Yoga

To begin with, let us understand what Detox Yoga is. Detox yoga includes Yogic techniques to cleanse the body, mind & soul of the toxins accumulated through air, food, water & thoughts.
We are born with a cleansed body after living on a liquid diet for 9 months. Over the years, we accumulate a lot of toxins in our body & mind from the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink and the thoughts we think. These toxins translate into diseases and illnesses in our physical and energy bodies.
  • In order to achieve freedom from these toxins, detoxification is required whereby a proper diet and body exercise through Yoga movements purge out the toxins.
  • Detox Yoga targets the three body systems that are predominantly responsible for purging out toxins from the body – the digestive, circulatory & lymph systems.
  1. The digestive system digests the food we eat, absorbs the nutrients and eliminates the toxins as solid wastes.
  2. The circulatory system circulates blood & oxygen throughout the body & eliminates cellular wastes.
  3. The lymph system moves fluids & minerals all over the body & eliminates extra fluid & nutrients.
Through a combination of Yogasanas & Yogic Breathing, Detox Yoga brings the body into equilibrium and this helps eliminate the unwanted toxic waste products from the body.
When the body is balanced, toxins and harmful microorganisms cannot survive within it. Due to the beneficial effects of Yoga techniques on the mind, the thoughts are also cleansed, clarified and concentrated.
Detox Yoga is therefore, a holistic approach towards eliminating toxins from the mind & body. With the mind & body in equilibrium, can the soul stay behind?
I hope & wish that you might have liked this very interesting yet informative blog, so just stay tuned for one of the very one of its kind of topic, that is How to do Detox Yoga with amazing video. so that you can do it very easily at home. We will explain there
  • Proper alignment
  • How to start?
  • How to take Position?
  • How to come out from that position?
Join us to learn detox Yoga With proper position.