Why & How to do Detoxification?

Now days in our busy running life, everybody is getting trapped in a habit of wrong eating habits. We love eating mouth-watering street foods or fast foods whenever we are out or at home with our friends or family members, aren’t we? But we never think how these mouth-watering food habits are affecting our body. These foods habits are not only packing us on pounds they are making our body internally weak as well which we don’t even realise while eating.
I don’t say that you should completely avoid these food, everyone like eating outside food and I love too. But while eating outside you should always check that the place from where you are eating is maintaining proper hygiene and you are detoxifying your body as well. Hygiene is the word which everyone is aware of but detoxification? Do you know what is it and why it is important for our body? Let me take you to the depth of it.
Whats is Detoxification?
Detoxification is the process of cleaning the impurities from the blood which are in the form of toxins stored and processed in our internal organs. Our body takes in lot of pollutants through our skin, air and unhealthy foods. Our body organs are designed in a way that they release the pollutants from our body with the help of kidney, lever, lungs etc. Pollutants comes out of our body in the form of sweat also, hence it is said that we should drink at least 2-4 litres of water every day which helps us to flush out all the toxins from our body.
Why we should do detoxification-
Let me also bring forward some of the key benefits we see by detoxification on our body –
1) Internal Organs - This process helps to do complete body cleanse which make our internal organs like kidney, liver, intestines, bowel movement, colon to function properly.
2) Healthier Skin - It makes our skin healthy which results in much brighter and clearer skin which helps you to get rid of acne prone skin. It is anti-ageing, which makes you look much younger.
3) Energy Boost - It gives you a new level of energy to your body and increases your metabolism which keeps you active all through the day.
4) Weight Loss - The biggest problem which everyone is facing these days is obesity and this process is the best way to remove all impurities and shed extra pounds from our body.
5) Immune System - If internal organs in your body are functioning properly and able to absorb nutrients properly from your intake, it automatically makes your immune system strong which keeps you away from the diseases in longer term.
Other than the above mentioned key benefits there are many other benefits which keep us healthy with this process like mental peace, healthier hairs, lighter feeling, life style change, positive and clearer thinking, improved digestion etc.
By now I think you must have understood that this method of “Detoxification” can do wonders to our body but all you need is dedication for it. Now again a question arise here is how can we avail all the above mentioned benefits and how is the detoxification done?
How to do Detoxification
Shatkarma detoxification
Other than the proper water intake, regular physical exercise or daily yoga practice is another form which helps us to detoxify our body. Yoga is known as one of the best exercise which you can include in your daily routine. Yoga does not only known as exercise it’s kind of meditation which pulls out the mental stress out of your body and generates happy vibes inside the body. 
Yoga is the best exercise which creates harmony within our body, soul and mind. Yoga helps to your body to remove the toxins in natural and effective way. You all must be wondering how this can be done only by performing few postures of yoga. Actually, the power of breathe which everyone has, can help one to detoxify the body pollutants.
Pranayama which means control on your life force, is the most powerful breathing exercise and also a type of meditation which helps to breathe out the toxins which has built in our system over the period of time. Pranayama like Kapal Bhati, Anulom Vilom, Bhastrika are some of rhythmic breathing exercise which helps our internal body organs to work in much effective way which detoxify the body in natural in way and also helps in building our stamina, immune system and mental strength. 
Yoga aasans which includes various stretching and meditative positions are also known for their health benefits. Poses like Trikonasana, Paschimottasana, Utrasana are best known for relieving from digestive problems and the poses Pavanmuktasana and Matsyendrasana are known for the gastrointestinal problems.
Pranayama and yoga asanas both together can bring you with all round fitness, loss of extra pounds on body, mental peace, patience, better immunity, positive attitude towards life, improved flexibility, good posture, high energy level, natural glow, harmony among body, mind and soul and many other benefits. Yoga is not restricted at home only it can be done while travelling, in office or at vacations
You just need carry a light weighted yoga mat with you or if you can’t carry it or you are short of space to move your arms or legs you can perform the breathing exercises on your seat. Yoga is best known for relaxing your body and mind which keeps you fit during the journey.
Including 20 minutes to 1 hour yoga session in an effective way, evolving good eating habits, taking proper sleep, in-take of enough fluids, including fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet etc. can help in best detoxification to your body. Once you are in the habit of healthy living you can’t stay away from yoga even for a single day. 
For better results, one should involve themselves in yoga practice on daily basis. Yoga is known as the never-ending process, the deeper you go in to the practice, the best benefits you can find out of it along with best of yourself.
Wish you a healthy life… Happy Practicing and cleansing!!!

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