Why should you choose career as Yoga Teacher?

We all are born in this world with a purpose. And this purpose is closely linked with helping one another. All religious scriptures teach us to ‘love thy neighbour’. Choosing a career in Yoga helps you to achieve this. Through Yoga you help yourself first, you heal yourself first. And exactly this is why Yoga is the best way to fulfill your life purpose. A Happy & Healthy individual can do anything, even change the world. A Yoga teacher brings Yoga in the lives of fellow humans and helps them live life in a different way, without stress. This is a high virtue job. The more lives you impact, the happier & more fulfilled you feel.
Why should you choose career as Yoga Teacher?
A Yoga teacher gets to meet so many new people, each with their own stories. It is an exciting work prospect for any human being. We human beings are ‘Social Animals’, right?
This is why, the career of Yoga Teacher has a high potential of Self-Growth and Self-Development. An individual is a sum of its experiences. The more people you meet, the more stories you hear, the more you learn about them & consequently, yourself.
Yoga Teacher
The world is awakening. More & more people are gravitating towards Spiritual practices like Yoga. Worldwide, new Yoga Studios & Yoga Schools are opening up to initiate youngsters & senior citizens into Yoga. Consequently, there is a need for a large number of well-trained Yoga teachers. Doesn’t this give rise to the possibility of a career in Yoga being satisfying income wise?
To sum it all up in one line, the career of a Yoga teacher is one that is spiritually as well as socially uplifting. We at Kaivalya Yoga School is trying to achieve the same level where we can uplift the true meaning of Yoga & Guru.
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