Yoga and Meditation - What is the difference?

Most of us, fail to understand the vast difference between Yoga and Meditation. What we consider many times is that meditation is yoga. However, this is a complete wrong understanding. For all those who fail to understand or aren’t aware about this difference, let us help you by giving a brief understanding about these two terms.

So beginning with Yoga. This is an ancient tradition that has been practiced since many years. Derived from a Sanskrit word, Yoga means Union. It is a connection between the soul of an individual and God or you say Spirit. Yoga is an art to achieve this state of union.
Difference between yoga & meditation
If one wants to achieve this union, he must follow the eight limbs of Yoga. These are the basics of Yoga to achieve union. They are as follows:
  1. Yama or the Do’s that once is expected to follow.
  2. Niyama or the Don’ts are the things that an individual is restricted from doing
  3. Asanas or Positions: if one wishes to achieve the union, one must be aware about the various asanas in Yoga.
  4. Pranayama or control of breath must be practiced every day.
  5. Pratyahara or Sense withdrawal is not getting affected by any internal or external influences
  6. Dharana or Concentration is a must to achieve union.
  7. Dhyana or Meditation is gaining awareness
  8. Samadhi or Spiritual Ecstasy is achieved through Dhyana or Meditation
Now the seventh limb of Yoga, Dhyana is Meditation. Yes, meditation is a part of Yoga. Meditation is a state of awareness and mindfulness. It is practised to help you bring a control to your body, mind and thoughts, to calm and relax your body and to help you control your breathing. It is achieved when your mind is serene and free from any kind of agitation.


Yoga is for physical body and meditation is food for your soull. Both are equally important. read the benefits of yoga & meditation :