Become a Professional With 200 hours Hatha Yoga Course

While you might be a yoga enthusiast who has been practicing for long but if you are intending to move up the next level and become a certified yoga professional you need the right yoga course. Teaching yoga is a different thing altogether because as a qualified yoga teacher you need to have your basics right and you must know a lot more than what a regular yoga enthusiast knows. A 200 hours hatha yoga teacher training is the right way to get started.

Learn Yoga in India:
India is the place where yoga was developed centuries ago and therefore you should study yoga in India. The yoga schools in India offer a lot more in-depth study of yoga than anywhere else in the world. You get to know the philosophies of yoga and its origin and also learn yoga in a natural environment. With 200 hours hatha yoga teacher training in India, you get the opportunity to meet more people and interact with experienced and qualified yoga teachers and they share their wisdom, experiences and knowledge. You also learn more about yogic rituals and mantra chanting which you might not learn when you are learning yoga outside India.

Know the Basics of Yoga:
Basic yoga courses provide students with a thorough understanding of basic yoga postures, including correct alignments and modifications. Students also learn breathing techniques and relaxation methods and get information on various teaching methodologies that can help them to become a good yoga teacher. Kaivalya Yoga School provides 200 hours hatha yoga course for those who are willing to pursue a career in yoga.


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